Htc friend stream not updating facebook

16-Jan-2015 06:31

helpref=faq_content How can I change my Facebook privacy settings?

In order to manage Privacy and other Facebook settings for the Blizzard Entertainment Facebook app, you'll need to visit https://

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If you have a second monitor, you can keep the stream open (though we recommend you mute the audio to avoid distractions from the game audio) to see the comments and reactions from your viewers.

Why does Blizzard Entertainment need permissions to my Facebook account?

In order to post a live video to your Facebook wall, we need permission to post on your behalf.

When Streaming is set up and enabled, you will see a notification that says "Ready to Stream" when the game launches.

If at any time you hit the hotkey or click the "Start Stream" button in the Streaming Control Panel, a notification saying "Now Streaming" will appear.

We recommend you set the audience to 'Only Me' and experiment until you're happy with your placement.

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