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24-Aug-2014 17:34

Though Rob and Kris had already divorced in 1991, she leveraged the salacious crime as a way to get her name out there as well.

She was seen in the courtroom during the trial and wrote extensively about their relationship in her autobiography, even believing that she could have saved Nicole’s life.

Not bad for someone who got her start as a Fly Girl on TV’s “In Living Color.” What’s interesting about Lopez, 45, is that — outside of any other female celebrity besides perhaps Oprah — she understands the value of diversification. Lo has built a sprawling empire, from music and fashion to TV, movies and much more. Despite your assumption that it was canceled three years ago, “American Idol” is still on the air, and Lopez is in one of the judges’ chairs.

“I love what I do, and I’m just one of those people who has a lot of energy and can work very long hours,” Lopez says. The ratings for the season 14 premiere earlier this month were down 32 percent from last season. A.” moved just 33,000 copies the first week, according to Billboard, and at year’s end, had sold 71,000.

We don’t know whether or not to believe Damon but there is some definite truth to the infidelity part of his story. And though we all can guess that the tape was leaked by either Kim or Kris, there was a time when she denied it.

Specifically with the comment Amandla Stenberg made to Kylie Jenner on Instagram.

For her prom, she took TJ Jackson, Tito’s son, Michael’s nephew, to prom.

Image Source: WENNThe Kardashian name entered our consciousness when they became associated with OJ Simpson.

Robert Kardashian became close friends with Simpson in the early seventies and when all hell broke loose in 1994, when Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman turned up dead, OJ Simpson stayed at Rob’s house.

Later, Kardashian would reactivate his legal license to be a part of Simpson’s defense team in one the most talked about trials of the century.The couple lasted for about a year but, as he told Howard Stern , they broke up because she denied that she’d ever made a sex tape with Ray J.

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