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And let’s be clear: A man thinking he’s in love and actually being in love are two totally different things.

The French philosopher, Stendhal, wrote extensively on this very subject. Have you ever had a boyfriend who said, “I loved you the minute I met you? I mean, it was invented to make other human beings. If you’re looking for lasting love, don’t play hard to get.

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When a man thinks he’s in love, you can easily tell – he pursues you.

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They never get made to feel ashamed to date someone younger.

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"He's almost 30, it's not like he's some 18-year-old."In the new season, which begins next week, Kenya's relationship with Matt is put to the test."It definitely has its ups and downs and the viewers will see what it's like to basically be conflicted with some of things that go on in my relationship," Kenya revealed."I don't know whether or not to deal with it any longer or forgive a person and understand and fight for the relationship." Kenya revealed that age can cause issues between them, explaining to us: "I think I'm a lot more seasoned and pretty much advanced on relationship and life, that does come to play.

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