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27-Dec-2014 19:32

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When I heard about it, I yelled and screamed so much it would make Anthony Robbins look like the shy, ugly girl at the Prom.

Jyoti, on the other hand, is perfectly proportioned, meaning that she looks quite literally like a typical person in miniature.

You've been a role model and a guide for my first year at Sfsu, thanks for everything and I can't wait to be there for your next great achievement @darioushebadatmebadat Happy birthday to one of my favorite girls.

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Jyoti was born with a medical growth anomaly called achondroplasia.

The positive energy that accompanies your existence is unmeasurable, you truly are a gift to the world.

for the people who couldnt be arsed watching the video.

I have seen beautiful Nigerians ladies on the streets of Lagos, Benin, Abuja etc which I feel could stand toe to toe with anyone around the world but when we move from the ordinary world to the Celebrity world, then it becomes a case of Halle Berry vs Genevieve or Omotola vs Tracy Bingham, its a no contest, They are beautiful ladies in Nigeria but most of them are not in the entertainment industry.

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2 years ago I bumped into Rita Dominic at Shoprite and I stopped her and I said to her that I know her, because I remembered the face but I couldnt say where!

Is it not interesting, my friends, that all the affiliate programs and marketing boffins tell you the best way to make a killing on the ‘Net is selling on products telling other suckers how to make a killing on the Internet.

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