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30-Mar-2015 14:44

That's actually a GOOD thing, and much more like real life or other art forms.In some cases, religion is used (by the fictional characters in the game) as an excuse for violent projects, like the Templars in Assassin's Creed.We are incredibly excited (and delighted) to welcome a new class of artists to Super Art Fight.Who will be the next Red Erin, the next Two-Drink Alex, the next Baron Von Sexyful? We hope you can join us in National Harbor next weekend.The 20-odd page research paper was reduced to a handful of lines in the release, and then reduced even more by paraphrasing journalists.Kotaku wrote a piece which is pretty well representative of what I've seen in a couple other places.After tomorrow, two artists will be left, and they will collide LIVE at the Ottobar in Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday, March 18th as a part of Super Art Fight: Better Than The Last Time! That said, a limited amount of space will be available for people to attend live.

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And your problem is that the story took some selected quotes out of context and built a larger 'video games has a problem with religion' story from the research? We catch up with frequent Kotaku contributor Adam Ruch to discuss.