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16-Feb-2015 19:55

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All BZ poachers should be exiled to the wilds of suburbia and made to exist on vending machine Spam and cream soda. At no point will a zombie roll off you and say, “Thanks, honey, I’m good.” You’re the one who’s going to have to do the rolling off (and much of the rocking! Most people think that zombies are inured to the cold because they are non-blooded creatures.And while you’re feeling morally superior to bzomb stealers, don’t forget to check out Tags: advice, bad form, betrayal, boyzomb, cream soda, dating, etiquette, fully domesticated zombies, get your own boyzomb, grass-is-greener-itis, irresponsible behavior, poaching, relationships, responsible behavior, stealing, zombies Listen up, Girl Guides, because this one is especially false: Zombies only care about your satisfaction. They don’t know what an A, B or C is, let alone the Big O. The sad truth is, the lack of a heartbeat is often accompanied by a lack of sense!Your pal will give you best-buddy points for pushing back such an important event, your zombie boyfriend won’t know the difference (17 days, 18 days, 1,265 days—it’s all the same to him) and you’ll get the lovely satisfaction of doing the right thing. Opinions varied widely on the necessity and utility of chivalry in the modern world, and there were as many definitions of what it meant to be a as there were gentlemen. Think of it as the end of scurrying over the threshold under the arm of a man who won’t let you open the door for him. The zombpocalypse has been hard on all of us, and we each adapt to this brave new world at our own pace.

Your zombie boyfriend won’t mind because he doesn’t have one.One of your fellow female human beings will be along in a moment or two and I’m sure she’d be happy to do it for you.Because it’s not the door itself that matters; it’s the portal of possibilities it represents.Once upon a time—maybe at the very beginning of the plague, maybe a dozen years in—you swore you’d never, ever date a zombie. I was just was as boy crazy as the rest of womankind—that is, crazy enough to think I’d actually meet a boy. Relationships with zombies, even the best of them, are temporary. You won’t even be able to remember when or how you lost them.

You’d have to be dead five days yourself before you’d even consider going to the movies with a decomposing corpse. Roughly 300,000 unzombified human males left on the planet and I’d somehow bump into one in line at the supermarket. Well, now you can: LOVE IN THE TIME OF ZOMBIES, my new tell-all soon to be released from Shebooks, gives all the gritty details of my transformation from zombie hater to zombie lover. Wince as I try to break into a secret government facility! Because that’s what the love bubble does—makes you oblivious to everything but your love. The obvious explanation for this imbalance is anatomical: If your zombie boyfriend were to give you a hand with the door, he might actually give you a hand.

They’re abundant and available and yet you can’t help but feel all the good ones are taken.