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22-Apr-2014 09:42

But her attacker remains unpunished as she has never felt strong enough to give evidence that could help bring him to justice Now free for 16 years, Ms Ruston - not her real name - has written a book as part of therapy for her experiences, Secret Slave, published on Thursday.

In it, she explains how she was imprisoned when she was just 15 after meeting the man, named Malik, at a taxi rank where she worked, according to the Daily Mirror.

Ms Ruston says he violently raped and abused her - a pattern he would repeat for the next 13 years, eventually allowing his brothers to visit her and prostituting her out to other men.

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I got to the point where I didn't know what life was."Ms Huston described how she clung on to sanity by talking to her late grandmother - and by looking at a small photo of her first boyfriend, Jamie, she hid under a floorboard.

She said she would have eventually succeeded had it not been for a health visitor who helped her escape while the family were distracted.

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