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The nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century feminist activity that worked for the abolition of gender double standards and sought to win women's suffrage, female education rights, and better working conditions is known as "first-wave feminism." The term "first-wave" was coined retrospectively when the term "second-wave feminism" was used to describe a newer feminist movement that fought social and cultural inequalities beyond basic political inequalities.

Afraid that she might be sent to prison without an opportunity to argue for birth control in court, Sanger fled to England to escape arrest.

While Sanger was in Europe, her husband continued her work, which led to his arrest after he distributed a copy of a birth-control pamphlet to an undercover postal worker.

Despite the controversy over labeling these interconnected movements, it is clear that after women's suffrage was secured, feminists continued to fight for equality that included a wider range of issues: sexuality, family, the workplace, reproductive rights, de facto inequalities, and official legal inequalities.

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Media coverage increased, and several silent motion pictures produced in the 1910s featured birth control as a theme (including , produced by and starring Sanger).This Victorian-era anti-contraception campaign attacked birth control as an immoral practice that promoted prostitution and venereal disease.Anthony Comstock, a postal inspector and leader in the purity movement, successfully lobbied for the passage of the 1873 Comstock Act, a federal law prohibiting the mailing of, "any article or thing designed or intended for the prevention of conception or procuring of abortion," as well as any form of contraceptive information.Previously, the military did not distribute condoms, or even endorse their use, making the United States the only military force in World War I that did not supply condoms to its troops. The military's anti-venereal-disease campaign marked a major turning point for the movement: It was the first time a government institution had engaged in a sustained, public discussion of sexual matters.

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The government's public discourse changed sex into a legitimate topic of scientific research, and it transformed contraception from an issue of morals to an issue of public health.

However, the publicity from Sanger's trial generated immense enthusiasm for the cause, and by the end of 1917, there were more than 30 birth-control organizations in the United States.