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As the industry is undergoing a fundamental shift from reactive to preventative healthcare, it’s time to discuss how can we use new technology to gain deeper understanding of our bodies and moreover, get actionable insights that allow us to take better control of our wellbeing.Speaker Studio is all about digging deeper into stories the speaker has to tell.If you’re interested in how fintech is democratizing capital markets and empowering people then make sure you pen this one in your diary!Program: am Panel discussion: Fintech Startups Democratizing The Capital Markets - Empower the people Shoshana will go through some of the problems with how we approach living and dying today, how human-centered design can radically change the way we prepare for and experience the end of life and what IDEO, HELIX and others are doing in this space. Revolutionary adoption of mobile and wearable devices has made way for the consumerization of healthcare and empowering the individual.Come and join the Nordics’ fintech stars for an exclusive panel discussion.

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But its real power lies in its trustless, decentralized nature and its underlying technology, a distributed ledger called the blockchain.Every interview includes Q&A session with the speaker offering audience the possibility to ask questions. There is never a dull moment in the life of Steve Jurvetson –he believes in the power of founder-led and passion drive businesses (Tesla, Planet, Space X), has an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and an incurable love of Moore’s Law.

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