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E-mail it to him with a straight-to-the-chase line: "You. Write down your measurements on a cocktail napkin--"34-30-36," etc.Tell him you purchased new lingerie that fits just right--and it's waiting in the top dresser drawer at home.

You'll give him a lift and remind both of you of the lighter side of your love.

"My favorite flirty moment" "I love it when, out of the blue, my wife tells me one of our inside jokes that we've had for years.

It makes me think about all the special times that we've had together that only the two of us know about." --Erik Anderson, 38, Washington, D. "When she rouses me out of a dead sleep in the morning with soft kisses and she acts all playful and cuddly. It's my favorite way to start a day." --Ed Connery, 35, Marbletown, NY "One night my wife and I were out to dinner and we were sitting at a table, but she wouldn't take off her coat.

Sneak in some sweet touches--a pinky squeeze, a nose nuzzle. Give him a soul-squeezing hug on a lazy Sunday morning. Don't be like those couples who go to restaurants and never talk!

You'll see that you don't even have to talk to say "I love you." JUST REPEAT IT. Ask questions--lots of them-- when you're sitting down to a long, leisurely dinner together. How about: "If I were a cocktail, what would you call me and why? Why not let him take control of something he usually doesn't--and give yourself one less thing to think about in the process?

Whether you’ve been together for five months or 15 years, these fun, sexy moves will bring you closer to the man in your life. Add one, two, or all of these moves to your repertoire and see where they take you! Find an old postcard from a trip you two took together (last summer's vacation, your honeymoon). Yep, fling that bathrobe or towel wide open and ask him to picture you--just like this--all day long. Mention, casually, while he's brushing his teeth or you're pouring your a.m.