Firemen dating

09-Apr-2016 17:45

Whether you're a policeman, someone in another law enforcement role, or a a man or woman who admires the sacrifice and hard work required to live this type of lifestyle, our Police dating site is for you.

With just a few clicks you'll find a huge variety of like-minded singles who understand the challenges of the Police profession.

A lot of precincts have monthly cook-offs when the firemen have a pot luck and charge a plate. I have grown up with firemen as neighbors - I'm on my third fire fighter neighbor right now. And the ranks are filled with many of Irish descent, who got their jobs through family connections. My ex wanted to be a fireman so badly, he moved from Berkeley to Seattle because he was a tiny (5'6") but burly white guy. Very friendly and chatty and will stay and talk your ear off if you run into him. He stayed a long time, sat with legs spread wide (wearing shorts), lots of staring and looks at me, friendly. Now I feel really dumb for passing up an opportunity, wondering how I can start something.

They're open to the public and you can meet firefighters that way. Volunteer to work on that particular charity drive and they'll be very appreciative. Each has lots of toys; snow mobiles, speed boats, skidoos, motorcycles, etc. He was exactly what you'd fantasize about: Insanely masculine, tall and beefy, a bit of a savior type, a very dominate top (I met him when I was 19, he was 32), the type of guy who'd just build me a book shelf or refinish the deck. Just recently a judge ruled that the Department had to change its entrance exams to ensure diversity in the department.r43 said "the Department had to change its entrance exams to ensure diversity in the department."We all know it means lowering the physical and test-taking standards to give jobs to those who shouldn't be hired. I'd like to make a longer and even more inciteful post, but I have to get going to the Saturday slave auction being held down at the town square. I have had firemen respond to my personal ads before, but what do ya know, they happened to be unattractive to me, not the buff masculine stud type. There were some really nice ones but many were absolutely evil. But the ones we want are the hotties on TV shows like Chicago Fire and in the calendars. I went out with him a bunch of times - he always wanted to do me with excuses for why it was only one-way sex. Well - to cut to the chase - he had a very small dick - seriously small - sort of a button. Things didn't work out between us and I am sure he thought his small dick was the reason and I suppose it was.i agree with the poster who said many of them are racists, homophobes etc. Some of my friends say they have "heard" he is do-able.

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At Police, we're dedicated to finding matches for police officers and their many admirers. Is there anyone who knows more about initiations into volunteer fire departments? I currently have a married FF who is a very handsome man.