Eva green dating marton csokas

31-Oct-2015 09:02

The couple eventually divorced and for several years the young Marton remained estranged from his father but was infected with a never-ending wanderlust himself: After high school, he spent several months traveling around Europe, a period which he says opened his eyes to the arts.

Upon returning to New Zealand, Csokas spent time at university and an arts school, eventually settling on acting as a vocation and winding up at the New Zealand Drama Academy.

but the idea that you can pursue one’s life in a broader perspective through the arts —do good work for humanity as well as being spiritual without wanting to sound too grand (laughs).

The decision to take on more global films, Csokas says, was not a career move but was driven by a personal decision to leave Sydney and move on to somewhere new—namely, Hollywood. His film work has taken him to the Czech Republic, Morocco, Spain, and Germany, to mention a few. This new Marton is a far cry from the espresso-sipping, American Spirit smoking, loquacious and ingenuous guy in baggy jeans and polo shirt who punctuated his words with a toss of tousled locks as he chatted with us about life and art a few months earlier at the Philadelphia Film Festival.

She was a standout in Tim Burton's poorly received "Dark Shadows" (2012) opposite Johnny Depp and is currently earning rave reviews for her mysterious and supernaturally-charged Vanessa in Showtime's "Penny Dreadful." This summer, she can be found as the sexy and manipulative Ava in Frank Miller's "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For." From her famous relatives to her connection to President Nicolas Sarkozy, here are 27 things you probably don't know about Eva Green. Eva Gaëlle Green was born July 6, 1980 in Paris, France to Marlène Jobert, a French actress, and Walter Green, a dentist. Her last name is pronounced "grain" and is derived from the Swedish word "gren," meaning tree branch. Her mother was born in Algeria, but has European ancestry, while her father is of Swedish and French descent. She is Jewish on her mother's side, however, she doesn't consider herself religious. The actress has a non-identical twin sister, Joy, who studied business, and is married to an Italian count. Through her father, Green is the great-granddaughter of the French composer and music critic Paul Le Flem. Her accomplished French family doesn't end there, though. Soon, though, they supported their daughters ambition. After appearing on stage, Green migrated to film and made her screen debut in renowned director Bernardo Bertolucci's NC-17 "The Dreamers" (2003). The role required extensive full-frontal nudity and graphic sex scenes. Director Ridley Scott took note of her performance in "The Dreamers" and cast Green in his medieval epic "Kingdom of Heaven" (2005). And she was hired only a week before production began! Her big break came in the James Bond film "Casino Royale" (2005), when she portrayed a Bond girl. Green admitted she was reluctant to take the role, and even opted to not audition early in the process, but eventually the part came back to the actress.

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