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03-Mar-2016 13:34

I imagine it is staffed by a few cyber-prostitutes who operate many profiles...

AFF is legitimate from what I've seen, but I wouldn't exactly recommened my Husband and i were on AFF for a few years and we met quite a few couples there ... your one of thousands (mostly kids) that just want sex, and want it now.

I return the emails I get from the married men telling them thanks but no thanks, read my profile again and yes, I am serious about it.

I never hear from them again.anyway for what's it's worth, that's my two cents........

When you join, that profile that messages you will not accept messages from anyone.

Sure I'm sure like other sites they might have some real people.. But Ask someone what is their favorite music, or do they have family here, or any general questions & get page of replies of nosense drabble (basically same from various girls) and never answering your questions... No wonder many women don't like online dating because they get 100's of emails from people that don't read, or are not what they are looking for or in my findings fake all together..

Sorry In the search for decent dating websites, there are few, I've signed up on them all in the search looking to develop my own, but there are only a few decent ones, all have their own flaws in my opinion...

at least POF has some good qualities that a good site needs Its not the best by far, but it is free and offers decent amount of real people...

That's not me, that's not what I am looking for....when I don't cyber or hook up with them, I never hear from them...well,....whatever I went to aff thinking that maybe these people are a little more real, I mean if someone can post a picture of themselves like that, well what have they got to hide.

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I have tried several non adult oriented (meaning content, not age) dating sites and if I did meet someone, well let's just say I am not into superficial.

mind you we did not actually do anything with many of them ... have mever been there.mdew22AFF is ok, been a memeber there... If you want to meet ladies there you have to go thru so much crap, and show up at the "get togethers" ( most of wich are couple oriented).