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The two kiss, however Robbie awkwardly pulls away from her, then leaves, after saying he has to "sort some things out." Georgia during a discussion with Jas about the events, she is reassured in Robbie's interest with her, due to similar behavior before Jas and Tom began their relationship.… continue reading »

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This is the kind of joy that comes from finding someone special with whom you share true compatibility, and it's compatibility that forms the basis of every match we make at e Harmony.… continue reading »

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In some jurisdictions it is mandatory to report suspicions of each of the four classical types of abuse and neglect abuse (i.e., physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect).… continue reading »

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However, the dinner is not as bad as she expected and she ends up having an interesting night with the couple. For Mature Audiences Only (18 ) Kevin always fantasized about his stepmother, Janet. When she caught him later in the bathroom with her panties in his hand, she decided to seize the opportunity as they shared the most wonderful twenty minutes of their lives.… continue reading »

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Thickness of the meat was acceptable, however, thicker chunks are welcomed!… continue reading »

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The Amsterdam Fashion Week was one big fashion party today!… continue reading »

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Everybody needs company, no matter what their age is.… continue reading »

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Queer women have had a pretty tough time in the past being continually asked for threesomes in very unwanted circumstances. If you ask another user to join you and your partner for a threesome we will remove your account. We 100% support your love of threesomes and strongly recommend some fantastic apps like 3ndr and Ok Cupid to go find your unicorn.… continue reading »

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