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15-Oct-2016 14:50

Lee Davy continues his Life Outside Poker series by sitting down and talking to the former PCA Main Event champion, Galen Hall, who has created a mobile dating app called Carbon Dating.Galen Hall has close to four million in live tournament earnings, including his huge victory at the 2011 PCA Main Event, where he defeated a field of 1,560 players to take home a gargantuan haul of .3m.“That was definitely true when online dating started to get big about 10 years ago.People would be embarrassed to say they met online, but Tinder was the app that was able to finally bury that stigma.There is nowhere to upload Facebook, or Instagram pictures; everything has to be created on the app, which is obviously a huge barrier for acquiring users, but I am hoping once they are acquired, and have gone through the effort of finding people, and creating this content, that they are a lot less likely to leave in the future.“The video is much better for showing who you are, and also people have photos that are outdated, and people just don’t have five year video clips of themselves.“But going beyond pure physical attractiveness, video allows you two things.One is you can find really great people that you would normally miss.In poker, it doesn’t matter how bad your site is, if you have a lot of bad players, you will attract more players.

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So every day you log on and we have already pre-selected matches for you, and you just have to say: ‘yes or no’.

“How important is it for an online dating app to have a great pool of very attractive looking people, or is it more important to have a much wider demographic that covers all eventualities?