David geffen keanu reeves dating

07-Nov-2016 02:46

The smart actors have figured out you don't need a publicist at all--it's a waste of ,000 a month." Michael Musto (Columnist for THE VILLAGE VOICE) "It probably started with another boyfriend who looked like Keanu.

Some gay people were horrified by the rumor, but to me it's equal-opportunity rumormongering--there should be gossip about gays and straights. And I know plenty of people who'd like that rumor to be true." "I don't know why anyone cares, and I don't know if it matters or not.

His disgraced dad was arrested last year at Hilo airport in Hawaii carrying large quantities of heroin and cocaine after police got a tip-off he had drugs in his suitcase.

Sam, a geologist of Hawaiian and Chinese descent, is hoping Keanu will pay a top lawyer to appeal his conviction.

Billionaire Hollywood mogul David Geffen, whose ability to use charity donations to embody the principle of selfishness is truly astounding, made—spoiler alert!!!

Richard Gere has a problem with small furry animals.In the meantime, though, let's all be thankful that Falcone's wife, Lisa, hasn't been making any efforts to influence the NYP] • Maureen Dowd landed in a bit of hot water after it was revealed she'd "borrowed" from blogger Josh Marshall for her op-ed column yesterday.She's since offered a (dubious) explanation and apology.A Beverly Hills manicurist claims that one of her clients goes to the hairdresser who did Geffen and Reeves' wedding do's--in Hawaii. George Christy (Columnist for THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) "In Europe they reported the rumor as fact.

Geffen himself says (while denying the story) that he met someone whose trainer swears he attended the wedding. The paper mocks reports of Geffen and Reeves' "unholy rite in France." 5.28.95 TORONTO STAR. I decided to mention it in the column, and I feel pretty stupid for doing it, because I'm not interested in rumors.

Here, we trace the Geffen-Reeves reports from their origins to the present. The London tabloid is the first to report that the pair were spotted "painting the town red at parties and going on wild shopping sprees." The story also claims that Geffen spent ,000 on Keanu at the Barney's New York clothing store in Beverly Hills, adding that they were seen "giggling like schoolboys as they tried on mounds of 0 shirts." VOICI, France. suggestion of a marriage appears in a blind item in George Christy's column. The paper reports a further rumor that Reeves is dating a dancer from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. "Both parties have officially denied the nuptial rumors, but sources close to Geffen swear it's true." 1.24.95 USA TODAY.