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20-Nov-2016 22:52

Part of my day is also focusing on my relationships; calling my father and a couple friends. My work/life balance is incredibly important to me and it is rarely off, just out of focus.

I tend to get short tempered, frustrated, and sad when I am not living according to my values.

Never-ending realism with gratitude helps me consistently tap into my purpose. I think that I am a product of a generation, and have specific character traits that make it very difficult for me to have a mentor unless it’s through a structured program such as life-coaching. Practically every day I wake up and review the to-do list I created the night before.

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Later in the day I also workout with one day off during the week, which is incredibly helpful for my mind and body.Any fight in the bigger scheme of things is insignificant when you remember that you are going to be together. I love the Chicago Fire Foundation for what they provide to the in need and at risk youth of Chicago. There are just so many people doing such great things. Lean on me by Bill Withers Where do you see yourself in 3 years?Your partner almost always has your best interest at heart. Transforming future and current leaders like I am now but on a grander scale.On this site you will find information about my areas of practice as well as recommended resources, websites and books that I have found helpful over the years.

I hope that you will check back often as I routinely update this information.Through his career working in interpersonal development he has also solidified mentoring, coaching, and teaching techniques towards creating, and sustaining positive behavioral change.