Dating toons

21-May-2016 02:09

Buster is popular with his classmates and a star on their sporting teams. The enemy doesn't stand a chance against the quick-witted Buster.

He's Student Council President and has been voted "most likely to drive the faculty nuts." He's fascinated by the lack of redeeming social values in his enemies. He has a mischievous nature, though his pranks are usually geared towards bullies and villains.

"We know you'll take good care of school property." "Buzz off, Granny!

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He has the energy, enthusiasm and resourcefulness of Andy Hardy, which carries him through all troubles that he encounters.

Buster Bunny is a cartoon character from the Warner Bros. He is the main character of the show along with his best friend, Babs Bunny. John Kassir provided the voice for a few latter episodes as well as the specials.At school, Buster maintains a B average; he studies hard, but would never admit it to his friends.

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