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is officially over, with Yuvraj and Hazel tying the knot in two elaborate ceremonies.One was according to Sikh rituals that took place near Chandigarh, and the other that happened in Goa in accordance with Bihari Hundu rituals.In fact, let’s just say that we got to know of another celeb couple.And it will surprise you when we tell you their names. There were rumours of Nora dating her BB co-contestant Prince Narula.JL added that he will give the hitman a bonus if he will also kill their daughter, who has an insurance policy of her own worth USD500,000.According to a report by , JL explained that he has no intention to send the messages.

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Whether you’re dying to hear what’s going on at your old stomping ground or hoping to get a stellar recommendation, staying in contact with old bosses is absolutely imperative.I tell my clients “Affairs happen to everyone.” That said, you are either about to enter a world of complications or are already making your life complex. Be mindful about who you tell at work, you don’t want to risk your job or future jobs at the same company or in your profession. If you are married yourself and cheating, be aware of what was lacking in your relationship that you seeking.