Dating stone age tools

20-Oct-2015 11:31

Donations are used for both the archaeological and geoarchaeological research of the region, including, but not limited to, research supplies, equipment, personnel expenses, and promotion.A Synopsis of the Survey and Excavation Though claims for pre-Neolithic artifacts on Crete have been made for many decades, the Plakias Survey is the first project to identify Mesolithic and Palaeolithic artifacts in datable geologic contexts.The survey identified twenty-eight sites associated with caves and rock shelters and collected a sample of just over 2,100 lithics attributable to the Mesolithic and the Lower Palaeolithic.Since Crete has been an island for over five million years, these findings have great implications for the history of sea faring in the Mediterranean.It seemed likely that evidence for the Mesolithic period would be found on Crete because it had been discovered on other islands in the Aegean.

We searched for habitats that were preferred by foragers and that could also preserve their artifacts.

P.) and Lower Palaeolithic sites (1.5 million years–250,000 years ago) were found.

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