Dating of the mahabharata by dr v vartak Rendom sex tex chat

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Fame and power would have come from Ketu in the 9th house, though it would also have forced him to lead a life away from his birthplace.

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But the dates, while drawn from the same source, strain in opposite directions. Iyengar (from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) brought the event closer historically, suggesting the date 1478 bc, while B. Narahari Achar (Department of Physics, University of Memphis, US) after "critically examining" the astronomical events in the Mahabharata pointed to 3067 bc. Swami Prakashanand Saraswati, in his book, The True History and the Religion of India, comes up with the same dates as Bansal does.

But there are a few adverse planetary configurations to contend with.