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Cha-hee is confident that Jae-young will still be interested in her no matter what, and she’s right – so she wins the bet with Ho-jung.

The surprising development here is that the encounter between the two girls forges an enduring friendship.

Once she is able to extricate herself from his irrational attentions, she is drawn to an older man who owns a nightclub.

He lends her a sympathetic ear when she begins to realize her feelings for Kyo-in, and seems devoted to winning her affections.

Kyo-in is reserved, intelligent, and can be prickly but he has a good heart and kind nature.

He becomes best friends with Ho-jae and later forms a bond with Ho-jung as well when he tutors her in drill instructor type fashion for her college entrance exam.

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She is an idealistic, warm-hearted young girl who persists in loving not wisely but too well.He is infuriatingly selfish, and enjoys teasing her even while borrowing money from her to take his girlfriends out on dates – but she is reluctantly drawn to him anyway.