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12-Feb-2016 00:59

Phoebe uses the money from the soda company to pay Chandler to quit smoking.Ross, upset about it being the anniversary of his first time sleeping with Carol, goes to a Rangers game with Chandler and Joey and gets hit in the face by a puck, and is taken to the hospital.Ross reveals his high school crush on Rachel and mentions asking her out.Rachel discovers independence isn't as easy as she thought and gets a job at the coffee house as a waitress.Carol, Ross' lesbian ex-wife, tells him at work that she is pregnant with his child and, when he attends the sonogram, is stunned to learn that she wants to give the baby her and her lesbian lover's last names.Monica nearly has a breakdown from stressing when her and Ross' parents come for dinner.The contestants will each be given an article of clothing which one of their dates (in the dark) were wearing.

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For the first time, the participants will see whom they've been dating, wooing, kissing, snuggling with and forming bonds with.When will be Dating In The Dark next episode air date? While they will have no chance of seeing each other in the light, they will have the opportunity to date in a completely dark room.