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06-Feb-2017 18:30

Before Member 5 was deposited, there was erosion on the top of Member 4, and the two are separated by an unknown period of time.

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It was not possible to date Member 4 in this way, because it is shallow enough that cosmic rays can still affect the quartz grains used for dating. In any event, there seems to be no strong biostratigraphic reason to place Member 2 at either an earlier or later date; the preserved fauna is not specific as to age.

The origin of the bones was traced to Member 2, and they were matched to the broken end of a tibia still in situ in the Silberberg grotto.

The skeleton is now known to be largely complete, including a skull and mandible, forelimb and hindlimb elements, and much else.

They have a number of reasons for this: As far as Equus, Kuman and Clarke (2000) are at pains to show that it actually may not occur in Member 4.

According to them, only one equine tooth has been excavated from Member 4 in situ, with the remaining bones taken from fill that may derive from Member 5.

The Sterkfontein deposits are divided into six members, and hominid have been recovered from Member 5, Member 4, and Member 2.

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