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13-Nov-2014 13:32

For this reason, we are currently unable to respond to these requests.At this time, I do not know whether this situation is temporary or permanent.In it's simplest form a vacuum tube can be created to operate as a diode: a device that conducts current only in one direction.

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and Canadian English) or (thermionic) valve (outside North America) is a device generally used to amplify, or otherwise modify, a signal by controlling the movement of electrons in an evacuated space.Tube amps are particularly popular with serious musicians.Many musicians prefer to play vintage Fender, Marshall and Gibson amps.It consists of a minimum of two coils, the primary and the secondary, wound on the same core.

An alternating current in one winding creates a time-varying magnetic flux in the core, which induces a voltage in the other windings.Replacement tubes and transformers are readily available for these amps however there are many boutique amp manufacturers making new tube amps with a vintage sound.

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