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Even though her mother has tried to introduce her to men in more traditional ways, she prefers courtship on social media. “I don’t want to be pushed into a relationship with a stranger.” [Saudi Arabia is reeling from falling oil prices.

And it could get much worse.] Constrained by the state’s adherence to a particularly austere form of Sunni Islam, Saudis have long used stealthy tactics in pursuit of love and lust.

[How Saudi Arabia’s 79-year-old King Salman is shaking up the Middle East] Saudis largely avoid Tinder and other formal dating apps popular in the West, preferring less conspicuous wooing techniques. That’s when a Saudi might try to grab that person’s attention by liking photographs and then sparking a private conversation in Whats App, an ­online-texting app. That’s when Saudis might start exchanging pictures on Snapchat.

“You know you’re getting serious if you’re on Snapchat,” said Dima, 19, a university student in Riyadh, the capital.

At the food court of a popular mall in the capital, she donned the hair-concealing garment required of women here as she described juggling three men whom she met recently on Twitter and Instagram.

Dima has taken particular interest in one of them, who has invited her for a ride in his vehicle.

Hassnaa al-Kenyeer, a writer on women’s issues who lives in Riyadh, said the empowerment of women is partly responsible for the popularity of online dating and the apparent rise in physical encounters that can result from it.

Women have made gradual yet significant advances in education and workforce participation, even though they are still forbidden from driving and require permission from a male guardian to do such things as obtain a passport and travel abroad.

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More recently, Saudis used wireless Bluetooth technology to connect with people in their immediate vicinity.

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But social-media networks offer far more opportunities and greater anonymity.