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While a certain number of jewels are necessary at vital points, an increase beyond this number does not always mean an increase in watch quality.

The grade of a movement is the identification of the level of quality to which it is finished, generally reflecting the amount of labor that went into them.

Jewels also hold the microscopic droplets of oil that lubricate each tiny pivot point.

Raw jewels alone cost little; it’s their incredibly precise finish and their perfect positioning in the watch that give them value and make your watch run so dependably.

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Factory records differ from year-to-year and factory-to-factory. For this reason, many factory production dates are approximate.Railroad watches were required, after 1908, to be adjusted to 5 positions.3 positions were the general requirement before that time.(the ability of the watch to keep time, regardless of the mainspring’s level of tension).

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Positional adjustments are attained by careful poising (ensuring even weight distribution) of the balance-hairspring system as well as careful control of the shape and polish on the balance pivots.

Movements can be specially marked or engraved when produced for specific customers or purposes.