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18-Oct-2016 07:42

Some Christians believe that relics are imbued with miraculous powers, granting benefits both in this world and the next.In the past, this resulted in widespread demand for and circulation of relics, particularly in the Middle Ages.yler is a solo guitarist (acoustic and electric) from Nashville, Tennessee and he comes with a good pedigree: He used to play with the alt-country band Lambchop, and with the Silver Jews.I’m picked him as the subject of this column because (a) he’s got a new album out on June 3rd, called Modern Country and (b) he’s an instrumentalist.

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As yet, I don’t think anyone has established the impact that streaming is having on the way music is being made, consumed and critiqued.Lester Bangs, she points out, waited ten years before finally sitting down to figure out what he really thought about Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks album.Maybe that’s why Rihanna’s experimentally diverse Anti album was greeted with so many mixed, and confused, responses.Moreover, it everyone can (for free) get some advance idea of what every artist on the planet sounds like. Back in the worst days of record industry over-pricing, you either had to plunk down for a CD to find out, or rely on some critic that you’d come to trust. Ultimately, the record industry had only itself to blame when its customers – burned by too many misfires – finally took their discretionary dollar elsewhere. As Carl Wilson taught us, the categories of bad music/good music are mere social constructs, and not universal truths.

Sure, a few music writers (and we know who they are) still seem to regard their gut response as a revelation of cosmic truth. So…pull up a chair, buddy, and lets share some random thoughts about William Tyler.

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