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I asked our Executive Director, Darrell Provinse to elaborate on this and here is what he said: There are many reasons why we use questions in therapy. However, even in those instances, there are appropriate ways to handle our anger.

Feelings can reflect perceived reality, but they certainly do not dictate what reality is. For example, the prefrontal cortex is the area that is known … There are even some things which should probably make us angrier than they do.

Premarital counseling involves teaching a couple open and honest communication in preparation for marriage.

God designed marriage to be a committed covenant relationship between a man and a woman—a sacred, sanctified relationship of mutual love lasting for a lifetime; and a Christian marriage is a covenant agreement in which a man and a woman, both committed to Jesus Christ, are legally, physically, and spiritually joined as husband and wife.

It’s easy to use and provides great starter questions and resources for further study.” – Leslie Vernick, LCSW, counselor, speaker, and author of Dr.

Tim Clinton is an internationally recognized leader in the Christian counseling movement.

Recounting the memory of a horrendous experience may do little more than cause one to re-experience the emotional pain.

In therapy, victims of trauma can process the event(s) with the help of a professional,… We often hear from parents of teenagers that they find it difficult to connect with their kids when they reach the adolescent stage of life.

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Helping your…abuse addiction ADHD adolescents anger Anger Management Counselors anxiety autism boundaries CBT change child development children child therapy cognitive behavioral therapy counseling couples counseling depression divorce Eating Disorder Counselors Face Your Fears Challenge Family Counseling fear fears grief group counseling Individual Counseling life transitions Love marriage marriage counseling ocd parenting personal growth phobias play therapy post traumatic stress disorder ptsd relationships self-esteem sexual abuse St.A licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist, he currently serves as President of the nearly 50,000 member American Association of Christian Counselors—the largest faith-based counseling organization in the world.He is also Executive Director of the Center for Counseling and Family Studies and Professor of Counseling and Pastoral Care at Liberty University and Liberty Theological Seminary. has served on the executive staff for the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) for more than five years and is an adjunct professor at Liberty University for the Center for Counseling and Family Studies.40 Topics: Abortion Adoption Alcoholic and Abusive Parents Anger Anxiety and Phobias Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Attitudes Bullying Career Decisions Culture and Media Influence Cutting Depression Destructive Dating Relationships Discipline Drugs and Alcohol Eating Disorders Fatherlessness Forgiveness Gangs and Violence God’s Will Grief Guilt Inferiority Loneliness Obesity Obsessions and Compulsions Parent-Adolescent Relationships Parents’ Divorce Peer Pressure Pornography and Masturbation Pregnancy Promiscuity and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Schoolwork Sexual Abuse Sexual Orientation Spiritual Doubt Stress Suicide Trauma Video Game and Cyber Addiction Youth culture changes rapidly, so those in the position to counsel teens often find themselves ill-informed and ill-prepared to deal with the issues that teens routinely encounter today.

The Quick-Reference Guide to Counseling Teenagers provides the answers. What is this dichotomy of mind that takes place between what one thinks and what one feels? Different parts of the brain have different functions.