Dating an ex convict Dating sexy russian women

09-Jun-2016 13:17

I'm going to assume that what you did wasn't molesting kids or hurting animals....something like that is different.....Everyone makes mistakes........everyone....

Tell them, if they can't understand then move on......

However, if I was dating a woman, and attempting to build a relationship with her, I would expect her to be honest about significant details of her past.

If I later learned that she'd covered up a very significant detail of her past, I'd likely never trust her completely again.

Butif they can't accept that part of you then they aren't the right person for you anyway.

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Now I don't mean you have to post up your mug shot as a profile pic, but at the same time let them know sooner rather than later.To most people who you meet, or who glance at your profile, or who messages you once or twice, it's none of their damned business.But if it's someone who you're actually interested in pursuing a relationship with, you should tell them. I think you should be open and honest about your past no matter what the situation.Started with a lie, not telling is the same as lying, a relationship is doomed before it begins. He had made some "mistakes." He also lost his girlfriend. Timing is everything, and this is just another part of you that you need to disclose when the time is right.

When the other person finds out you lied chances are they are going to believe what they want and not listen to your explanation. There are many parts of us that are private, and revealing them to others becomes an option depending on who you are with, why, and what you intend on saying.

Let's face it, what we conjure up in our own minds can be way worse than the truth. Someone will either like you for who you are or they will not. When I was on the department, I remember this guy getting pulled over with his new girlfriend in the car. None of this makes you good or bad, just human, and the human side should explain who and what you are to others that are important to you.

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