Dating a pregnant girl

19-Dec-2014 13:23

It was easy for me in the beginning to adopt a stance of, “You have enough to worry about.How are you worried about starting a new relationship while you’re busy creating life?Like that scene in Juno, she's already pregnant, what kind of shenanigans can she get into?You're already pregnant, you aren't going to get pregnanter.In my second pregnancy, i had hot men hitting on me.From hot tourist frat boys to hot doctors in the ER, I was looking and feeling gorgeous. I was madly in love, stable, happily married, happily growing a family, and soooo happy to be pregnant, all that happiness just had me lit up and smiling and in a good joyous playful mood like 24-7.” But the honest truth is that before a woman is a mother, she’s a woman and although motherhood becomes a primary part of her life once she becomes pregnant, it’s not the only part.

First dating stages are often filled with infatuation and undivided attention for each other under normal circumstances.I do know a couple of people that wound up pregnant when single and they did date someone that for lack of a better way to put it overlooked the pregnancy and treated them just like they were an average woman that wasn't incubating, i.e. In one instance, they remained together for another year or two after she had the baby and then married and I think he adopted her daughter.

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