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28-May-2015 13:01

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No one is ever prepared of the effects and consequences that turned their lives around.

I had a fairly active life, happy social life, and enough... I broke my back T7-T8 was damage operation was needed to repair and fused T6 - T10 left me paralyzed from the waist down .

its been really hard 4 me but by me having 2 kids plus girlfriend (family-mother of kids) its been easier for me to continue living life just as i were b4 the incident. I was 36 my husband had just bought me a new car 3 months before. They say I am a walking miracle, but what they don't see is the day in...

I was coming home from the store I was't wearing my seat belt and i over corrected my car. There are several ways that you can get out of depression after becoming paralyzed,such as finding something that makes your blood pump faster through your veins,something that excite you or finding something that makes your spirit jump inside you which you cannot contain. I have incomplete parapalegia since November 28, 2012.

Finally saw a neurosurgeon who said I needed a cervical laminectomy. I was told I was young and healthy other than the... I recently read a lovely, well written poem in this group about bring paralyzed. Two years ago April 3rd my female cousin tryed to kill me by trying to run me over with her van.

I recently read a lovely, well written poem in this group about bring paralyzed. I have wanted to help, but like many able-bodied people, I've been intimidated by the chair (being honest). i wrote a huge story took me over three hours and it got deleted i was so mad it was a waste of time and the devil working hard to keep me from sharing my story with you guys the day... I won't ever give up though, june 14, 2010 i was hit head on it paralyzed me from the neck down. I wasn't suppose to move from the neck down but many people think I'm a paraplegic rather then a quad. During these 17 1/2 plus years I have learned many things,and one of those things is that when someone suffers a spinal cord injury they seek to become whole and well.

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Nobody wants to look like a fool and no one enjoys a chance to be cut down. The key to this exercise is to detach yourself from any outcome.

I was absolutely shocked with the fact I most likely would never walk again. My name is Todd and I have a twin brother named Tyler.

We do everything together we are like best friends.

I flipped trowing me out of the car and i was paralyzed from the waist down. It's been just over a week since my Husband Paul has been in the hospital. I became this way because my orthropedic misdiagnosed me. But now my husband is getting tired of doing things for me and has been getting verbally abusive that I would rather do without if I had...

He has fluid in his lungs and has that horrible tube down his neck. I am an advocate for the disable and looking for people who need or use a wheelchair to get around.

I left the hospital on Jan.2012 to return home to start my recovery and to find out I would receive no help... I had walked 3.2 miles before an SUV going 43mph had gone off the road...