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He is a lay member of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. There's no question in my mind: dating is dharma in action.Learn more about him at danbrodribb.Buddhists need love too. I’m always looking for ways to reduce suffering in my life while training myself to be a more compassionate, equanimous person. I remember reading a Buddhist book and thinking, “You know, you could substitute the word ‘dating’ for the word ‘meditation’ and you could have pretty much the same book.”You learn surprising things about yourself when you go out with people. And if you’re lucky, you get to practice some righteous smooching (Not to be confused with Right Smooching which isn’t part of the eightfold path, but at times I think should be).On the other hand, it’s equally easy to get caught up in all the things that went wrong on previous dates and in previous relationships. In fact, even when you’re in a relationship, feelings are transitory. "Romance reminds me of a quote by screenwriter William Goldman: “Nobody knows anything.”Might as well get used to it.4 - Actions have consequences Dating is cruel, but fair.Some of us are tempted to relive every dating mistake we’ve ever made in our mind, or worse, pay bitterness from a former relationship forward to the next people we meet. Sure, at first, it feels like your love is unshakeable and everlasting. I’m not saying that people DESERVE to have bad dates, but there are folks out there entertaining the mistaken idea that the world owes them a boy- or girlfriend. If you treat people like they are out for themselves and will betray you at the first available opportunity…you will probably find what you are looking for.Time to take a look in the mirror and see what you‘re putting out there. After all, right smooching might not be on the Eightfold Path, but with the right person, it’s a heck of a lot of fun.Dating is scary because rejection feels so personal. I‘ve never met anyone who WANTED to hurt other people. When I applied the advice to myself, I realized that for the relationships that did not last, my attraction was an expression of my loneliness.Instead of jumping too quickly, be mindful in every encounter, conversation you have with the person you like.

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I came to recover from burn out, and what I found was not only wisdom and practice around how to be present with life, but also wisdom on love.

She became distant when her ex-husband got married. I (39/M) met her (31/F) on a dating site a month and a half ago. I have spent the night at her place five or six times Let this be a lesson to all men trying to find that special someone Always delete old text messages to avoid sending a message to the wrong person.