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21-Jan-2017 22:20

Walk into your date open to learning something new; that way, even if you don’t feel fluttery love butterflies you can walk away knowing more about life, yourself, or a hobby you previously knew nothing about.And the mood you’ll radiate with your interest and engagement in what your date is saying will have a positive effect on both of you.I’ve never met anyone who…” Maybe you’ve never met a scientist, or someone who owned a pet pig, or a Peace Corps veteran.

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It is, rather, something that opens up an abundant smorgasbord of opportunities for love. Give your lunch or drinks date a better chance of success later on by deciding to have a good day now.Or someone to fulfill that role of “activity partner” for a month while you suss out the romance potential. When you can say out loud what you want honestly, and without hesitation, your date will know you’re the real deal and you’ll feel better than ever about yourself.