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22-Dec-2016 20:18

However, we do not really know who those people are, including their actual gender, physical attributes, where they live or anything else about them.We may begin to see things in them that we wish our real-life partner had and would share with us.The internet also offers gaming fanatics the opportunity to make real social connections within a virtual cyber-world.

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Of course the internet does have exceptional value – it is an immense communication network, it can provide easy access to educational information, it is a way for families spread over long distances to remain in contact, and it is a wonderful way to connect socially with people from all over the world.Those attributes are usually the characteristics we search for most in our real life partner, but feel, for whatever reason, are unavailable to us.What we are feeling about our new online friend likely has nothing to do with who they are as an actual person, and everything to do with what we actually want in our own lives.According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 68 percent of residents have internet access and this percentage is fast growing.

Out of the 68 percent of residents, 78 percent of these have access to broadband internet and the Federal Government has recently commenced work on expanding this to ensure that broadband internet will soon be available to the entire population.In extreme cases, watching internet pornography can become almost a full time activity for some people.