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04-Jul-2016 00:25

Then I put the bios on it and was able to flash it via M-Flash again.

Before that, flashing bios by M-Flash in 2 sepparate bios versions always froze as soon as I pointed to the file on the stick. Over at the MSI forum they have a special way of updating the bios.

Refer to the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer manual to see if this is possible. This should not be confused with the reset CMOS jumper as it only resets your stored CMOS values stored in the CMOS battery and not the actual flash BIOS.

Resetting the CMOS with the Reset CMOS jumper or removing the battery and putting it back into the computer will not resolve this issue.

computer froze when updating bios-68

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I once had the same problem with a dv5-1199ei and it worked fine after upgrading the BIOS. I had the same problem of computer freezing problem during BIOS update. When I update the bios, I didn't note its current bios version installed on my system. find the steps I did:- First I create a HP crisis recovery USB drive with 2 GBdownloaded Bios file F.16A from HP support site (For HP DV5 1126ee)Then copied 3602F16. I have a hp pavilion dv5-1170ei and it had problems with the audio and the quick launch buttons after upgrading to Win 7. I decided to update the bios because that was the only thing that i had not updated. when usb drive is load and flashing I released the key combination.

Insert USB drive in system, Hold Windows B key, plugged the power and switched on the laptop. Because the actual BIOS is corrupted it must either be reset or replaced.