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It gives them great comfort to know that after losing their parents and so many family members, they are not forgotten. The complete article, Our Youth Are Giving Back, can be found in the Autumn 2011 issue of Sharings on the Starcross Community website.

There are people in the world who value them and care for them. young adults who were sponsored and educated by Starcross Kin Worldwide, have launched a new project to help meet the United Nations goal of eliminating mother to child transmission of HIV by 2015.

SKW is committed to caring for each child as their own until he or she is launched in life. We provide school fees and basic expenses for the children in their villages while they are cared for by their grandparents, and bring them to Kampala when that care is no longer available.

Starcross Kin Worldwide (SKW) has a very focused mission to provide a second chance in life for AIDS orphans until they are independent adults. They live at the House of Hope through the primary school years, and move to boarding school during their high school years as is the custom in Uganda.

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Then half way through the school year, I saw my son starting to slip in his academics.

It sometimes would take him an hour and a half to do his homework that should just take 15 minutes.

He would come home in tears from school, because someone said something to him that was mean.

The population is mostly illiterate Muslim peasant farmers.

Although Milly, Alex and Kasule are not Muslim themselves, they are highly respected in the community.As Ishare a little of our story, try to see if you can relate to it at all.