Cold case video dating

19-Oct-2014 05:14

You can’t be a true eyewitness if you weren’t even there to see what it is you said you saw! Read More » Were the gospel writers present during the time of Jesus? Warner Wallace, author of Cold Case Christianity, discusses the reliability of the gospel eyewitness accounts.

Rodney Alcala will not have to face the consequences for that crime.

Mims was shot to death and his body was later found in a slough near Lemoore.

The other suspect, Ralph Waldo Jones, was taken into custody for Mim's murder in August of 2015.

SWAT officers in Kings County arrested the second suspect in a cold case dating back two years.

Rolando Thomas is accused of taking part in the murder of Brandon Mims on February 12th of 2015.

Authorities have always been sure of one thing: these weren’t the only women and girls that Alcala had killed.

He then began a five-year murder spree almost immediately, and was able to slay an absolutely unknown number before he was finally stopped in 1979.

Thanks to a series of trials, convictions, appeals, and retrials, Alcala has basically spent the years since 1979 behind bars.

His first known crime was the brutal rape and beating of eight-year-old Tali Shapiro in 1968.

Shapiro was found in Alcala’s apartment after someone who saw him pick up the child in his car had called authorities.It’s suspected that he may have killed many more people than he’s been accused of.