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24-Dec-2016 04:24

NEVA Outreach Coordinator Stan Hanel presented materials from the EV Safety Training website of the National Fire Protection Association at: Findlay Chevrolet provided a Chevrolet Volt and the Tesla Motors Service Center provided a Model S, accompanied by a service technician, so that firefighters could ask questions and receive “hands-on” practice identifying areas of the vehicle where high-voltage traction batteries could be disconnected, as well as cut zones where onboard passengers could be safely extracted from each vehicle after an injury.A big “thumbs up” from attendees at a NEVA EV Safety Training presentation at Clark County Fire Station 21, including Marie Steele, Manager of Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy at NV Energy, and Stan Hanel, NEVA Outreach Coordinator During the previous month, NEVA also partnered with the Nevada Department of Transportation to provide EV Safety Training presentations to first responders in the Nevada Traffic Incident Management (TIM) coalition at locations in both northern and southern Nevada: Tim/ The NEVA program, administered by the REA250 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is seeking more funding to initiate a statewide EV safety training program for all first responders, including firefighters, police, ambulance drivers, tow truck drivers and Hazardous Material support companies.The Citilec van was of the first vehicles built at the new plant in Sparks.More coverage of the event was reported by Jason Hidalgo in the Reno Gazette-Journal: Cenntro Automotive was founded by Peter Wang.Fresh cartridges are like fresh food--it's better for you.Art Form: Dark Burlesque After completing the burlesque class series by Deflouered Productions, Foxy has performed both nationally and internationally in London, Connecticut, California, Phili, and NYC. Additional resources for first responders can be found at this link on the NEVA website: New Electric Vehicle Factory To Open in Sparks, Nevada On October 23rd, Cenntro Automotive announced that they have established an 80,000-square-foot electric vehicle factory in Sparks, Nevada.The unveiling ceremony featured Nevada governor Brian Sandoval driving one of the company’s Citilec electric vehicles, along with Sparks Mayor Geno Santini.

Findlay Chevrolet provided a Chevrolet Volt, while Collin Burnell showcased his Ford Focus EV and Larry Gareffa presented his 1965 Mustang Fastback that had been converted to an electric car with some very modern stylings, including LED headlights and a video screen presentation in the trunk of the vehicle.Our accommodations feature spacious living spaces with cable television and internet access.