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Craig Bierko denies or ignores his own emotional needs and feels that others will not accept him if he appears "weak".

He is especially uncomfortable with emotional dependency, and tells himself and others (even children) not to be a "baby".

Craig Bierko is apt to do more than his fair share in the family and go the extra mile, but for the most part this is satisfying rather than burdensome to him.

Craig Bierko has a strong desire for genuine understanding with others and finds it easy to share his feelings with them.

His feelings toward others are very loving and Craig is likely to have a lot in common with many of his friends.

Craig Bierko has a cheerful temperament and a harmonious disposition.

He performed the role of Peter in the 2011 New York Philharmonic production of Stephen Sondheim's Company with Neil Patrick Harris, Patti Lupone and Stephen Colbert.

Bierko was slated to replace Bertie Carvel as Miss Trunchbull in Matilda the Musical at the Shubert Theatre along with Jill Paice as Miss Honey on 3 September, but did not start performances until 17 September due to a "minor injury".

Relationships are not easy for Craig Bierko; he could be a recluse, avoiding most contact with others.He went on to make steady appearances in various television shows including Amen, The Powers That Be, Wings and Ally Mc Beal.Bierko may be best known for his role as Timothy in the 1996 action film The Long Kiss Goodnight, as Max Baer in the film Cinderella Man, as Tom Ryan in Scary Movie 4 (spoofing Tom Cruise throughout the film) and on the Broadway stage as Harold Hill in The Music Man.Sensitive and sentimental, Craig Bierko is deeply attached to his family, old friends, familiar places and the past.

He is romantic and tender in love relationships, and it is of utmost importance to Bierko to remember birthdays, anniversaries, family rituals and other personally significant days.

Antiques or articles with sentimental value from Craig's past are especially dear to him.

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