Background investigation for internet dating

01-Jul-2016 20:13

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Critics say the type of screening envisioned by the law - checking for a particular name in databases of criminal convictions has inherent flaws: users could give fake names, and many dangerous people may not be in the databases.

Methods used in more probing background checks - such as fingerprint scans and research into employment records and Social Security numbers - are not required by the law.

And is probing into the background of a new partner the ultimate passion killer? ” asks uk, a service which background-checks partners and dates. But it is easy (and tempting) to stray from little white lies to bigger deceptions, and online daters are having to get more savvy about checking up on those they meet on the web.

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- the only large online dating service that already does such screenings - was elated by its successful lobbying and hopes other states will follow suit."The online dating industry tends to get a real bad rap, because of criminal activity," said's founder and chief executive, Herb Vest.We check whether they have alias names, been convicted of a criminal offence, or carry a financial risk.We ascertain an individual's debt, bankruptcy and insolvency status to help ensure someone isn't specifically looking to take advantage of a person's financial situation, something many individuals look to exploit.” But if you think this smacks of paranoia, and that the vast majority of checks come back clean, Lyons has some alarming news.Data monitoring apps are increasingly being employed in homes and offices to monitor for safety and efficiency, including software such as m Spy, which tracks web history, images, videos, email, SMS, Skype and more.

The London-based company claims to have over a million users, and was designed, according to its website to "keep children safe and employees efficient"., one of largest dating services, said it had been assessing online background checks for six years and concluded they offered no extra protection."is disappointed New Jersey has enacted a flawed and unconstitutional law and we will explore opportunities to challenge it," a company statement said.