Are nikki minaj and drake dating

13-May-2016 05:51

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It’s a shame because as Hollywood previously reported, Drake used social media to send a sexy message to Nicki.

After Nicki’s new song “Only” revealed that she and former flame Drake have never hooked up, he posted a fan-made cartoon, which showed Nicki singing into a microphone, while giving him a sexy lap dance.

Nicki Minaj has reignited speculation that she is secretly dating rapper Drake after giving him a lap dance in the music video for her new track Anaconda.

In sexy stills released from the forthcoming promo, the scantily-clad Young Money rapper can be seen giving her record label mate a special treat by gyrating suggestively on him.

We're supposed to meet up this week to get some stuff cracking in the studio.

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Any quotes you've seen about her calling him the "perfect man"? Drake’s Infatuation With Skylar Diggins Went From 0 To 100, Real Quick "I don't remember saying that he's a perfect man -- maybe I was joking?

He is perfect but I don't know about guys in the industry. I think two artists [dating] that's hard," she said.

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