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It forces me to internally defend my position to my satisfaction, or accept that someone whom I might not agree with on a lot of things is right on this one, or at least *might* be right. I played in a band with a singer/songwriter named Dalton Grant, and in a sort of fun side project that a bunch of us did called Suite 69, the world’s self-proclaimed greatest cover band.

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The idea that he can basically say “Well, of course the people at Charlie Hebdo didn’t deserve it, but man, did you see how short their skirts were” - and then be defended *by journalists* - is obscene.

If you’re not “fanatical” about free-expression, you shouldn’t be a journalist.

I recently finished “Harrison Squared,” by Daryl Gregory, which was a really fun read; kind of a Lovecraftian YA novel. The right talks a lot about how liberal Hollywood is - and oh yeah, it is.