Android apps for dating

09-Mar-2016 01:03

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Expect most proposed dates to revolve around “watching Netflix” and several bottles of wine.

For guys: You didn’t come here looking for love, and she didn’t either.

We can’t promise that “friends with benefits” won’t evolve into “it’s complicated,” however.

For girls: You didn’t come here looking for love, and he didn’t either.

Expect to see plenty of girls you crushed on from across the room along with other blasts from the past including college and high school classmates. Chances are she didn’t take an interest way back when and she still won’t.

For girls: Remember that guy that wouldn’t stop staring at you from across the room at your friend’s party?

Be OK with the idea that this guy will likely bombard you with drunken booty calls at 1AM for the foreseeable future.

e Harmony might as well be Our when compared to the other apps on this list.

OK, so this one isn’t technically an Android app (yet — you can still access it via the mobile web, however), but the concept is such a refreshing take on internet matchmaking that we had to include it.It’s one of the few dating services that runs its own “relationship research facility” to help its users locate the perfect match.While those matches might be great for you, expect your life plans to be a focal point of any first date.Here are the top dating apps you should be using to find love (or a quick hook up) and the type of people you will meet on each. If you both swipe right, it’s a match and you can begin communicating.

Tinder has been dubbed little more than a “hook up” app by concerned parents and conservative fearmongers, but if you think it’s that easy to find a little fun in the sheets you will be sorely mistaken. The fact that they are on Tinder suggests so, but they would never admit it.Sure, there might be some nice guys lurking somewhere on Tinder, but most conversations start with an icebreaker along the lines of “OMGZ SO YOU WANT TO SEE A DICK PIC OR WHAT!?

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