Am i dating a pathological liar

07-Oct-2015 12:33

We develop morals often after making huge mistakes, and we decide lying isn't worth our time. There are people who learn lying is wrong, but they still do it.It's not that they don't have morals, but something just doesn't click.

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Lying has become a part of our everyday lives, and there's no way around it.

Every time I wanted to speak up, I second-guessed myself and realized how crazy I sounded. Here are the signs of a liar I wish I had known before dating one: We all know we should trust our gut instincts.

At one point, I completely convinced myself I had trust issues, and I somehow made up his lies. Whether it’s drugs or lying, I learned the hard way dating a person with any kind of addiction is impossible. If your immediate thought is that the person you're talking to is lying to you, you're probably right.

Liars will often bend the truth as a way to try to impress you.

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They want you to notice them, and they'll fish for compliments. ”Often, the reason people lie is because they want to avoid certain realities or perceptions about themselves. They can be whoever they want to be, if they lie about it.

Don't wake up one day and realize everything you thought was real was a lie.