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(The Altai mission was developed under Saint Makarii Glukharev († 1847), known as the 'Apostle to the Altai.') In 1904, a religious movement called Ak Jang or Burkhanism arose, perhaps in response to Russian colonization.

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So that started, I think three or four days after he went into rehab.“So it was very much [Laughs] I had to really push to get through all that and had to reconfigure the show, obviously and do a lot of things really quickly when I was under a lot of stress. that initially was really hard, and I just kind of went out and just did it – did what I had to do.“And then after that had all settled, Josh and I actually got back together for a while and just did tour dates and continued to work together a couple years until, I guess, a couple of years ago, when we finally actually ended the whole thing officially and I started doing my own thing completely by myself.”If you don’t mind me asking – did the split, did it happen personally, professionally, or at the same time? … continue reading »

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