Alcohol potentiates the sedating effects of certain annie chen dating

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alcohol potentiates the sedating effects of certain-40

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Participants also completed a self-completion questionnaire which explored issues considered particularly sensitive for respondents to answer directly to an interviewer.

The self-completed questionnaire included items relating to alcohol consumption and the CAGE screening tool for problem drinking [].

Prescribers should be aware of potential interactions, and screen patients for alcohol use and provide warnings to minimize patient risk.

alcohol potentiates the sedating effects of certain-89

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Older adults are susceptible to adverse effects from the concomitant use of prescription medications and alcohol.Using the NIAA as a guideline, the following thresholds were applied: heavier drinkers: in excess of NIAA limits, light/moderate drinkers: less than or up NIAA limits.Problem drinking was measured by the CAGE alcohol screening questionnaire consisting of four items detailing whether the respondent had ever 1) felt the need to cut down on their drinking, 2) been criticised by others due to excessive drinking, 3) felt bad or guilty due to drinking, or 4) had a drink in the morning to steady their nerves, get rid of a hangover or as an eye-opener.The adjusted response rate to the study was 62% and response to the self-completion questionnaire was 84%.

Full details of the study sample and response rates have been described elsewhere [].The purpose of this study is to estimate the prevalence of AI medication exposure and concomitant alcohol use by therapeutic class in a large, nationally representative population sample of older Irish adults.