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12-Jun-2014 01:05

It's perfectly situated, in other words, to take advantage of a failed hunting expedition and late ferry back to Juneau.

On the way back toward town, Pat had hopped out of the truck and shot a doe from the road, but to Randy and I that wasn't saving face, so we'd returned empty-handed from three days on rainy mountainsides.

People were making decisions for him.” CT asked earlier this year, "Who owns pastors’ sermons?

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But hovering over the dock in the center of the native village of Hoonah -- where the town's nine hundred residents cling to the mountainous edge of misty Chichagof Island, thirty-five miles southwest of Juneau -- the Office is a temple for out-of-towners on the way out and locals on payday spending their checks at the bar and spreading wealth the ritual way.Smith had been struggling with aggressive lung cancer since early 2012 and the cancer progressed to stage four by mid-2013.

Except for July and August, we have bowling on Wednesday nights.… continue reading »

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