Accomodating special needs

14-Oct-2014 06:23

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Here are some guidelines child care providers can use to manage food allergies in the child care setting: Occasionally, a family’s religious beliefs will prohibit or demand certain foods or foods at certain times.When you talk with parents before enrolling the child, ask about these special practices, and discuss with the parents the best ways to accommodate these dietary changes.If the program cannot provide foods to meet the child's needs, ask the parents to provide meals and snacks that meet their child's needs, or refer the family to another child care program that can better accommodate their child's special diet. Cow’s milk is a problem for some infants and young children.Other common allergens include wheat products, peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs.

Families who follow a vegetarian diet may request that vegetarian meals for their children. Some children may eat poultry and fish but avoid red meat.Others may avoid all meats but eat dairy products and eggs.Still others may avoid eating all animal-based products.--Requires schools to provide accomodations for disabled students.

--Students with impairments that substaintally limit a major life activity can qualify as disabled (learning and social development deficits too).Allergic reactions range from mild skin sensitivity to very severe symptoms, including difficulty breathing.

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