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Accommodations and modifications in the classroom can help your child with hearing loss learn at his or her best.These include teaching strategies specific to your child’s needs, as well as simple physical accommodations—like seating placement and keeping the classroom door closed to minimize extraneous noise.Many child care providers work with children who have disabilities or special needs.Remember that children with special needs are children first, and have more similarities than differences from children without disabilities.

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Working as a standalone system—or in conjunction with your child’s hearing aids, cochlear implant, or other auditory management technology—FM systems help children with any degree of hearing loss.

Importantly, other audio technologies to supplement and/or work in conjunction with your child’s hearing aids can be extremely beneficial in enabling greater communication ease for your child.

It’s important to ask the school principal or appropriate administrator for a meeting with a multidisciplinary team—including the teacher, audiologist, speech pathologist, special education teacher, and/or others as appropriate—to determine the best accommodations and modifications for your child.

The following links can give you specific information on adapting the child care environment to meet the needs of children with certain types of disabilities.

When you read this information, remember that every child and every disability are different.This enables state-of-the-art hearing aids and cochlear implants to pick up the sounds coming from the microphone—without the unwanted background noise.

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